Friday, 28 March 2008

New Chapter

Hi Everyone
I decided it was time to blog in a more structured way. Quite a few of my friends have blogspots and I thought I'd give it a go too.
My intention with this blogsite is to share some creativity coaching and some significant events from my own creative journey.
Hope you enjoy the read, and continue to log in to read my regular postings.

I've just read, "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron, and it has got me back into writing more. I keep a daily journal, and its very effective at highlighting the positive changes that come about in my life. I've moved from being unconfident about my ability as an visual artist, (with periods of real creative sabotage), through to a clear mind with amazing creative flow.
I am now comfortable with turning up at the easel in my studio and seeing what happens. The results are really showing the shift in my state of mind.

A few other things have helped. Julia Cameron helps you explore what makes your inner artist child happy. It involves switching off the little voice that goes, "That's not how you do it....thats not very professional....nobody does it like don't need one of those...." and so on. I got my hubby to treat me to a full length large wrap-around, thick cotton apron (handmade in Norfolk UK). When I put that on I am ready. The second thing that helps is my favourite music. I listen to Peter Gabriel, Incubus, Radiohead and Foo Fighters mostly. The music is emotive and this helps with my creation on the canvas.
Being a singer/songwriter myself I am in love with music as much as art. Now I can combine the two and I am a happy little soul. Find my music at BlueCat Records
People on my art myspace have been really supportive too. Particularly Megan, Nicky, Debra, Bill, Sue, Quincy, Steve, and others who leave such encouraging comments.
The support I've received from my special family and friends, and myspace friends, has been really important, amazing and inspiring. I have just completed my PearTree Gallery site and it has really made my thoughts and desires concrete at last.

I am also planning a "Best Of" type album to celebrate my 5 CD releases over the last 7 years. I am going to choose 10 songs and have them remixed as chill-out songs. I am quite excited about this idea. Al is going to help me with this - he is a very talented musician and producer.


Well thats it for now,
Peace and Creativity

abstract painting above: More in the Reflection (c) 2008 Deborah Eileen Burrow

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