Sunday, 11 May 2008

Keeping Curious

When we are children we are constantly asking questions. When we are grown-ups we listen to children asking questions and are amazed at their curiosity about everything around them. Somewhere along the line as we grow up, answers about everyday life are answered and we tend to ponder over bigger questions. Sometimes, however, we get so bogged down in our daily routine that we forget, or don’t have time for, the bigger questions. In fact, the chances are we forget how to be curious all together, especially about our creativeness and how deep it goes.

Even as working creative people we can get stuck in a rut. Are you still curious about your creative works, or are you caught in a routine with it?

Keeping yourself curious means you allow yourself to step out of your creative comfort zone and get that child-like wonder back. For each of us this will be different, but getting in touch with the reasons behind our creative choices is a good start. If I was to say that I’m curious about your art – how do you do it and why? …could you ask yourself the same question and answer it?

I’m hoping you can, and you will remember how curious you were about your chosen art when you first started out. You’ll remember how inspired you were and how easily you asked questions.

Truth is, to remain fully and deeply creative we must continue to be curious ~ it keeps our creative brain alive and functioning with an eagerness to try out new things to keep us fresh.

My last curious search led to a profound change in my attitude to my painting. I discovered something about how it worked and I discovered even more about myself. Without that intrepid step I would still be stuck. Now I am enjoying myself more and I’m still curious because new questions were stimulated and I need to find the answers to those too.

There before me lies an interesting path. Is yours greeting you in the same way?

Keep positive and assertive,

Best wishes :)

Painting above right: The Cracks Are Showing (c) 2008 Deborah Eileen Burrow


Factory Supervisor said...

I constantly still wish I was 8.

Megan Chapman said...

Question, question, question.
Why this, how did that get there, did I do that? What does it mean? Where is this all going?