Sunday, 1 June 2008

Scratching the Itch

When something we desire keeps reminding, demanding attention, of us on a frequent basis, we often say, “I’m itching to do so and so,” Often we will put barriers up to scratching this itch by making excuses – many of them perfectly legitimate. But if we really analysed the reasons not to do something, we will find that a large percentage are to do with fear, insecurity and lack of confidence. The power of the mind is great and works in many positive and negative ways. Sometimes we can easily rationalise reasons for not pursuing something, even if it’s dear to our hearts. When it comes to creativity, we often deny ourselves of something really special without realising it.

So my message today is to really think about scratching the itch to do something. Put aside the reasons not to do it, and just do it. No-one has to know that you’ve just taken up knitting, patchwork, painting with oils, clay modelling, paper mache or anything else creative. It may be that you’ve been a watercolour artist for years and years and fancy taking up sculpture – there’s never a good time as the present! We are never too old, too silly, too uneducated, too busy or too scared to try something new or even re-take up something old. If you need practical inspiration, read some of my older posts for some ideas about how to get in the right frame of mind. Research some of your deeper questions on the internet or from valuable books (I have listed a few in the right hand column).

You deserve to scratch that itch and make yourself feel better. Adventure on out of your bubble to experience new enthusiasm, creativity, happiness, satisfaction and peace of mind.

So go on – Scratch that Itch!

Creative Blessings

Above pebble painting: Autumn Sumac © 2007 Deborah Eileen Burrow

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Megan Chapman said...

Thanks for another inspiring post!
I am going to scratch some itches really soon.. I know, I know- what am I waiting for..

It is important to remind ourselves that we are only as limited in our life as when we allow our mind to put up barriers and excuses. I am looking forward to busting out.

Thanks for this post- it came at the right time for me.