Sunday, 19 October 2008

Send it to your Big Toe

"It sits on my shoulder, whispering sceptical things into my ear that make me stop and question my path as an artist. Its comments are condescending, spiteful, and convince me that I'm wasting my time. "Who's going to like, let alone buy that?!" - it chants each time I get close to getting anywhere with anything creative."

How many of you have had this little demon voice in your ear? I know I have. But I have learnt to banish this voice on command in recent years. It no longer gets to me quite as often. How? By sending it to my Big Toe!! Sounds crazy but it works!!

This is a wonderful technique for dealing with that nagging and doubting voice that threatens to hamper your creative spirit. I’ve talked about trusting your intuition many times, but I’m well aware that training yourself to do this takes time. Today I introduce to you a way of cutting off that voice who tells you that you’re wasting your time following your dream.

When that annoying chatter is removed from your head area to your toe it is weakened and physically as far away from your creative brain a possible. It’s so much better to have a clear mind, and while it’s away in your toe you can concentrate on your creative pursuits. You will have to be determined to keep the pesky voice at bay, so each time its starts again, send it packing - back to your big toe.

This little trick is so powerful. Trust me when I say that it releases you from your fears, and helps you overcome the difficulty of focussing on your artistic journey.

I hope you and your big toe find success!


Factory Supervisor said...

Big toe hmmm..
well, never was fond of feet, and toe's are just ridiculous aren't they?
at last they may provide some use.

Creative Debs said...

yeah!! ha ha! :)