Thursday, 3 April 2008

Maintaining Creative Mental Energy

Eric Maisel's book is an inspiration and helps you to develop a self-coaching mentality about you as a creative person.
One of his exercises is about maintaining creative mental energy. He tasks you to ask 3 questions of yourself:
  1. What generates mental energy?
  2. What saps mental energy?
  3. What replenishes mental energy?
Because I felt so inspired by this exercise, I will share with you my answers from my journal:
  1. What generates mental energy? For me its a good night's sleep. It's also being inspired by other artists' work. I spend time on the internet every day at the moment and I always see something I really like. I'm also inspired by nature - I look for abstract designs and colour combinations. Reading creative books. Good feedback gives me the energy to continue.
  2. What saps mental energy? Being in demand. Or thinking I'm supposed to be doing something when I really don't want to. Being very tired. Feeling anxious or overwhelmed. Putting pressure on myself. Feeling confused. Overeating. Lack of exercise. Fear. Worrying about something. Distraction. People being wierd. Not being supported.
  3. What replenishes mental energy? Reminding myself that I am talented and deserve to be an artist. That I can make my own destiny. Eating well and getting fresh air. Love. Support. Good feedback. Relaxation. Letting go of niggling voices that are negative. Allowing myself to heal. Resting. Reading. Looking at other's art work. Reading success stories - particularly of un-formally-educated people. Letting things "be". Turning up at the canvas.
Its a fab exercise and I encourage you to try it. Its particularly good when you feel stuck. Knowing what's going on in your head can help you solve the problem.

Good luck with your creativity, and remember that trees start as saplings :)

painting above: Majestic Wood (c) 2008 Deborah Eileen Burrow

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Thank you, for posting that observation and advice. Recently felt really drained and tired. I looked at the input to my days and realised that I had focused on unsupportive people and negative comments. I have concentrated on more positive people and the positive. But you confirmed to me that I have gone in the right direction. Good Luck with your Projects and your site. Bran