Monday, 7 April 2008

Stopping Before We Work??

Most of us probably don't realise that to get 'present' ready to work at our next creative project, we need only take a minute to prepare. When I teach, I spend a minute or so taking my students through a breathing exercise which without fail brings my students to focus and in a relaxed state. Eric Maisel takes this one step further by adding some positive affirmations to the breathing process.
Try the following example - you can use a different phrase if you please whereever you like, except that it should be in the same theme.

Breathe in slowly on the first part of the phrase saying the words in your head. As you breathe out, mentally say the second part of the phrase.
  1. I am completely....stopping
  2. I expect....nothing
  3. I am becoming....a real artist
  4. I resources
  5. I embrace....this moment
  6. I return....with strength
This really works! Try it now! Do this exercise whenever you have a creative task ahead of you. I'm using it as I sit with the canvas in front of me at the start of my time in the studio.

Let the exercise make you stand out from the crowd like the brightly coloured nasturtium above - its really possible...

Keep shiny,


Megan Chapman said...

This came at the right time!
I woke up late (6:30am instead of 3a.m) I think my body is taking a break from that craziness for a bit.

I was feeling a bit disappointed in myself though, so I did your breathing exercise...

and now I expect nothing...and that takes a load off!

Thanks Debs!

Factory Supervisor said...

I am going to try this next time instead of my usual routine which consists of..

swearing at inanimate objects
(especically when they refuse to be found)

kicking over anything in my way

shouting at the canvas for not
being the right size..

it's not calming, i must confess that.

Creative Debs said...

Cool Beans! :) x